Release Schedule and FAQ’s

In an effort to not overwhelm you with information and encourage you to make incremental lifestyle changes, video content will become available on the online learning portal according to the following time-release schedule. The videos will appear on the same day of the week as when you signed up for the program (ie. if you signed up on a Monday, all content will become available on subsequent Mondays).  Schedule and video order is subject to change.

Release Date Living in Harmony Module (8 months) Body Practice Module (6 months)
Week 1 5 Seasons: Intro Cupping
Week 2 5 Seasons: Winter
Week 3 5 Seasons: Spring Moxa
Week 4 5 Seasons: Summer
Week 5 5 Seasons: Late Summer Body Practice: Intro
Week 6 5 Seasons: Autumn
Week 7 Food as Medicine: General Eating and Cooking Habits; 5 Tastes and Body Types Body Practice: Feet
Week 8 Food as Medicine: Beverages
Week 9 Food as Medicine: Spices, Condiments, Sweeteners Body Practice: Hands
Week 10 Food as Medicine: Grains
Week 11 Food as Medicine: Fats and Oils Body Practice: Wrists & Ankles
Week 12 Food as Medicine: Fruits and Nuts
Week 13 Food as Medicine: Dairy Body Practice: Legs & Knees
Week 14 Food as Medicine: Vegetables
Week 15 Food as Medicine: Meats and Fish Body Practice: Arms & Elbows
Week 16 Food as Medicine: Supplements and Anti-Inflammatories
Week 17 Food as Medicine: Vegan and Vegetarian Body Practice: Hip & Pelvis
Week 18 Food as Medicine: Women’s Monthly Cycle
Week 19 Feng Shui: Intro Body Practice: Spine & Low Back
Week 20 Feng Shui: Entryways
Week 21 Feng Shui: Clearing Negativity from your Home and Office Body Practice: Mid-Upper Back & Shoulders
Week 22 Feng Shui: Bedroom and Tips for Better Sleep
Week 23 Feng Shui: Bathroom Body Practice: Neck & Head
Week 24 Feng Shui: Kitchen
Week 25 Feng Shui: Plants and Gardening Body Practice: Face & Jaw
Week 26 Feng Shui: Office and Library
Week 27 Feng Shui: Living Room and Electronics Body Practice: Chest & Abdomen
Week 28 Feng Shui: Computers and Phones for Increased Productivity
Week 29 Feng Shui: Car and Travel
Week 30 Feng Shui: Closet and Storage Spaces
Week 31 Crystals
Week 32 Essential Oils

SUBMITTING QUESTIONS Related to Video Content

There is a contact form on the web page belonging to each video. Please use this form to submit all related questions.  Answers will be posted below the video on the same page for all to see, as I am sure many users will have similar questions.  You will be emailed when the answer to your question has been posted, so you can log on and view it.  Please note that I will do my best to get your answer back to you as soon as possible – however, response times may vary.